PHOTO REPORT – E L E V E N T H Plane Spotting Days with Wizz Air (FIRST after dark…)

Thank you, Wizz Air, thank you, Cluj International Airport! (Photo by Imreh-Rácz Előd)

Yes, it took place on Sunday, April 15, 2018 from 8 PM with the assistance of the Cluj International Airport (thank you, general director CICEO David!), the Wizz Air base captain (Mulţumim, domnule MIHĂILESCU Valentin!),Wizz Air captains NÁDASI Norbert and MARACSKÓ Sándor and cabin crew VÂGA Anda and DÁVID Zsófia! Thank you captains, köszönjük CC! 🙂

It was a mixed group: there were university professors, students, children, plane spotters, experienced gliders, a journalist, a political analyst, as well as a well an appreciated handyman. 🙂

The professional photos of Imreh-Rácz Előd:

These are some of the photos Bianka and Oliver took of the 22 participants during the 2 hour event: explaining the technicalities of the Airbus A320 outside the aircraft (group 1), detailing the job and duties (and life) of the cabin crew (group 2) and explaining how toe pilots operate in the cockpit of the airplane (group 3).

The novelty was that – for the very first time – we visited the aircraft and saw the cockpit after dark…

Let the photos tell the story (Előd’s much more professional photographs will follow):


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